Friday, September 7, 2007

Martial Law

Quite astonishing - - Osama bin Laden released a tape today. As soon as that tape appeared, all the Arabic websites in the United States, all the sites that might have had the tape for download, went down. I asked on my program several weeka ago, "what would the U. S. look like under martial law, under the executive orders the insane Bush has issued? Several callers put out ideas but none of us came up with the obvious tactic - - shutting down the web - - web sites, email, news, everything. Today our lack of attention came up to bite us. This is scary and I do not see the corporate media reporting on the issue although CNN did have, for one brief moment, a commentator who mentioned the shutdown. Her sigment was not, as far as I know, repeated again.l

My summer off is quickly coming to an end, in fact I had to play being union president the past few days. Talk about a wrenching experience - - yanked back into the world of work after 10 wonderful weeks reading, gardening, walking Frieda the Wonder Dog, visiting friends. That is all great fun but I would like to be working on my new book but injury to my back keeps me from sitting for any length. It's gone on long enough now that I'm having a desk built so I can stand to write.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finally Blogging

So now I can enter the 21st century with the initiation of a blog. I probably would not have done this had not my old friend Mead ( told me about his blog and suggested that I consider creating one for myself.

I hope that if you happen to pass this way that you will consider listening to my radio program, What's Left on Northwest Indy Radio. Presumably, you will not live within my broadcast area but you can stream the program at and you can email me at the program at My program airs every weekday from 4 to 5:30 Pacific time, originating from Hoquiam, Washington on the magnificant coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

Now, I have to learn to use this damn thing.